Just another day: Company director assists gentleman on their way home.

We know all our carers work extremely hard in the community but when the company director Debbie Choolun was driving home and saw an elderly man struggling with his zimmer frame on the streets of Bradford she just had to do a u-turn and pull up.

Debbie parked her car and approached this gentleman who claimed he was ok but Debbie asked if he wanted some company on his walk back home and he took her up on her offer.

It’s actions like this that shows you that caring is really at the centre of a company and worthwhile working for. Yes we may not be as big as some of our competitors but that’s why we can focus on care and the quality of service.

Do you know we have a fantastic relationship with external teams. Our services are recommended to people as they feel confident we can provide a good quality service for anyone. If you know anyone that needs some assistance just give us a call and chat to one of our team members.

Home is definitely where our heart is

Home is definitely where our heart is

We know what kind of care a dying person should expect to receive - Do you?


Dying people have a right to the same high quality of care as people who have illnesses that are curable.
There are likely to be lots of different people involved in the person's care. Some of these will be NHS health and care staff, whilst others may be from separate organisations like ourselves, hospices, or other charities.

Heart Warming letter from David Fox

To Debbie

I have attached a letter thanking you for the support given by your company to my wife, Jill Fox, who died a month ago. I have addressed it to Savannah, Olivia and colleagues because they were the people we saw most, but clearly it is to the company as a whole.

Our experience of your company was obviously through the carers your employ, initially Nichola then mainly Savanna and Olivia. They were great, and really brought joy in difficult time, as well as excellent practical support. Jill really looked forward to their visits. Please pass my thanks on to your staff. Their friendship was invaluable. I hope the attached letter helps you evidence the quality of the company’s work.

Best wishes

David Fox


Dear Savanna, Olivia, Nichola, Nicole and colleagues at Yorkshire Care at Home

(with apologies for not mentioning everyone by name).

It is now a month since Jill died. I am sorry it is only now that I am getting round to sending my thanks for your work.

You all supported Jill and me so well through the last few weeks of her life.

We appreciated your work very much.  It made a difficult time very much easier for me and for my children, and of course for Jill.  Everyone of you brought a smile and a positivity with your care.  Your attitudes complemented your attention to detail and supported us greatly.

Many thanks.  Jill really looked forward to your visits.  They enhanced her life emotionally and personally as well as though practical care.

Thanks you all so much for all you did for Jill and me, and continue to do for the community. 

Savanna, the flowers you brought form you and the girls were absolutely gorgeous and lasted for about three weeks!  Many thanks.

Best wishes

Dave Fox


From The Managing Directors

We would like to thank the team who cared for Jill Fox, we are extremely proud of you for providing the quality of care beyond our expectations. Thank you.

Beautiful Card from Sylvia Telfords Daughter


A huge thank you to you and Nichola for all kindness towards my mum over the last few weeks. It was good to see her so much more comfortable in her bed the last few days. This is what she wanted, to stay in her own home until the end and you made that possible for her and kept her dignity.

I will never forget the tears and laughter from you both nearing the end when caring for her.

Wish you all the best in the future

Lots of Love

Val xx



From the Managing Directors

Well Done Nichola Florence for outstanding commitment and care, which involved not just caring for Sylvia but caring and emotional supporting her family.

A kind gesture from Mr Kenneth Ward

Dear Debbie, Nichola & all at Yorkshire care at Home that cared for Kenny.

Our grateful thanks for the care and humanity you showed to Kenny in his amazing last few days in his home. We could not have hoped far better - his own private hospital by the river where he was in charge! So many things that you did maintained his humour and right until the end his dignity and that is very precious to us.

Wishing you all a prosperous future at Yorkshire Care at Home

Much Love, huge thanks

Lisa, Bev and of course Kenny xx