set up to make things better


Yorkshire Care At Home is committed to supporting vulnerable people so that they can continue their lives with dignity and independence and be participating members of their own communities. Our years of experience in care have been brought together to create a company that does things better in meeting the needs of those people entrusted to our care.


Our mission

To operate and manage the service as an efficient domiciliary care business.

Yorkshire Care At Home aims to provide care and support for people who cannot wholly look after themselves in their own homes, at a time convenient to them, and adapting agreed ways of working. We aim to achieve the fundamental standards set out as guidance by the governing body, central to this our belief is your home is where our heart is

Yorkshire Care At Home offer a broad range of home care services that can be tailored to meet your individual needs.  

  • To maintain our clients life style and skills and encourage their independence and choices.
  • To ensure that services are delivered even-handedly and in accordance to agreed purchasing contract agreements.
  • To ensure that each client needs and values are respected in matters relating to their beliefs and diversity, religion, cultural, race or ethnic origin, sexuality or sexual orientation, status, disabilities or impairments etc
  • To recruit, train and support social care workers to deliver high quality service.
  • To operate and manage the service as an efficient domiciliary care business by making the best use of available resources to maximise value for money for both social Services Department and the service user and their families.
  • To match nominated social care workers as closely as possible to the needs and requirements of the client and also respecting the need to change the social care worker by the service user in the event of subsequent non-compatibility.
  • To ensure that all service users receive written information on the organisations services and procedures for complaints, complements and complaints resolution and how to use it.
  • To maintain equality of opportunity at all levels of service delivery and management of the service.

YEars of business and care experience


Debbie Choolun

Current Registered Manager/ Company Director

Registered manager responsible for managing each of the service functions within our business.


Kathleen Quinn

Company Director

Myself and Debbie founded Yorkshire Care At Home in January 2018

My 12 years care background drives me to deliver the highest quality care whilst ensuring we offer excellent customer service.

I’m proud to develop and lead our work forces who are motivated and keen to constantly learn.

I am an organised person with attention to detail in every aspect of my roll and i’m always striving to give our staff the skills they need to provide the best care possible.


Hannah Bebb

Registered Manager - Yorkshire Care at Home ( In the Process of Registration)

I started working for Yorkshire Care At Home in September 2018 and have worked in different aspects of care for 6 years. I have found my passion working in domiciliary care and I strive to ensure that each service user has a person centered care package that enables them to continue their lives as they choose, with dignity and respect.


Nichola Florence

Care Coordinator

As the Care Coordinator my objective is to contribute to helping the company develop and maintain new contracts.

I like to deliver a high level of care ensuring both dignity and privacy is respected.

I thoroughly enjoy working closely with all my staff members to develop them and teach them my high standard of work ethic.


Shalini Choolun

Recruitment Manager

As the Recruitment Manager for Yorkshire Care at Home I get to listen to some interesting people’s work history and discover how much they really want to be a part of this lovely team.

It’s great to be a part of this company and I enjoy bringing in more genuinely caring people to be a part of this nutty bunch.


Nicole Florence

Office Support/Auditor

I regard myself as a very hardworking and reliable employee. I have always enjoyed working in care environment because I believe it is very rewarding job. I enjoy looking after people to the best of my ability, treating them with respect dignity and privacy and in a centred person way.

It’s important in my role to understand the importance of confidential information. My job for the company is to make sure all patients are happy with our service and ensure they are receiving the best quality of care for each individual’s needs, by completing detailed care plans, keeping up a good professional relationship between staff and service users, and making the Yorkshire care at home team work to the best of their ability.


Marjorie Florence

Team Leader

My name is Marjorie but my colleagues call me Madge. I have worked for Yorkshire Care At Home since June 2018. I have just proudly received my promotion to team leader and I am looking forward to inspiring and leading our hardworking team.

Employee 3

Team Leader